February 26, 2023

February 26, 2023

To prevent the frustration of falling behind, which most of us tend to do when following a Bible reading plan, each month of this plan gives you only twenty-five readings. Today we start a few “free days” . We encourage you to catch up on any readings you may have missed this month.

If you have finished the month’s readings, you can use these final days of the month to study the passages that challenged or intrigued you.

Daily Devotion

God’s Eyes Are Set On You

A week ago, when I was driving. I happened to pass a memorable spot shared by my son and myself.  I was reminiscing about when my son used to play football. 

I recalled when I was once at the football field and noticed that I didn’t have my phone with me. At the time I was sitting sometimes in the bleachers; but sometimes I would stand by the sidelines. Never-the-less, I was watching my son as he practiced.  I noticed about every two or three minutes, he would look over at me and make eye contact. This happened once; this happened twice; this happened three times. For the next hour he checked every two to three minutes.  He would just look over at me and see if mommy was looking.

About that time, I too began to look around the football field, recalling that there were a whole lot of other kids playing on the field. They were looking towards their parents, some of which were either not present or looking at their own phones.

Not wanting to judge others because I sat there on my phone for countless hours.  But I can’t lie.  As I drove, I kind of had a “mom” conviction for a few seconds.  I began to wonder how many times my son had looked over to my eyes and saw me distracted.

The moment of recall passed quickly, but the impact of the thought remained longer.

But then God in His kindness and in His goodness intercedes.  He lifted my eyes up a little higher than myself. He said: “Niezel, aren’t you glad that I don’t ever get distracted?  Are you glad that you’re not a distraction to me and that every time you look at me, my eyes are set on you? Are you not glad that whatever you are going through, whatever is going on in your life, whether it is good or bad, My eyes see you?  Are you not glad that in the darkest of times, in the deepest worries, in the greatest successes, in hardest and most crushing experiences, God’s eyes are set on you?”

The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and his ears toward their cry (Psalm 34:15). God keep us as the apple of His eyes and hides us in the shadow of His wings (Psalms 17:8) He loves us!

~Niezel Carganilla