Day 324 – Scripture of Thanks

November 21, 2022

Colossians 3:15

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

Daily Devotion

by Jesse Sanders

For today’s devotional, I have been assigned to write on the specific scripture that will be highlighted below.

Colossians 3:15 (NLT)  And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.

This scripture is one that we can look to not only in the specific time of the year we find ourselves, but today’s devotional text is a thought process and way of life that we should be striving to live  everyday. The scripture tells us to “let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts.” That is a directive to live everyday trusting in Jesus. Knowing that if our faith is in Him, then we will have peace no matter what we are dealing with or walking through. 

2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)  For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

The Bible tells us some 365 times, to not be afraid. Fear is a thief that comes to steal peace from our hearts and minds. Lurking in the dark recesses of the spirit, waiting with its brothers, anxiety and depression. Looking for the perfect moment to pounce and rip away your peace and hope. Yet regardless of all that, the Word tells us that God didn’t give us that spirit of fear. He makes it possible for us to live in peace, with the power to chose to walk in self discipline. Self discipline helps us keep our emotions in check. When we live in and focus on the peace that comes from Jesus, being disciplined in our daily prayer time and Bible reading, then we can truly walk in the will and call of God. 

Colossians 3:15 closes like this, “…for as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.” 

Not only are we directed to allow the peace that comes from Jesus to rule in our hearts, but we are further commanded to understand that we, as members of one body, are called to live in peace, always being thankful. So this tells me that not only is it important for us to allow the peace of Jesus to consume us, we must do our best to stay thankful. In western society thankfulness is an idea that has long since been abandoned. Yet the Church cannot forget how truly blessed we are. Jesus has done so much for us, that it is and should be our desire to remember to give Him thanks every day. The peace His spirit brings as well as being thankful for all He has done, are two great emotions to walk in and thoughts to ponder as we begin “Thanksgiving” week.