Day 303 – No assigned reading today

October 30, 2022

No assigned reading for today. Use this “free” day to catch up on your reading plan, read a Psalm or Proverb, or just pray and ask God to direct your reading for today. The important thing is to read  the Word.

Daily Devotion

By: Dominic Couvion

2 Timothy 1:6 Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.

Paul has sent a second letter to Timothy, and began by stating who Paul is in Christ, who Timothy is to Paul and what Jesus has for Timothy. Then Paul proceeds to remind and encourage Timothy about what Jesus has passed down through Timothy’s mother and grandmother, unfeigned faith or sincere faith. Then he reminded Timothy to stir up the gift of God which was in him by the putting on of Paul’s hands. Recall that this is a letter so the transfer of this gift happened in the past and was dormant in Timothy. The verb “stir up” is the action Timothy needs to take to awaken this gift. Timothy has to do something, God has given him a gift and now action is required.

To “stir up” is similar to fanning a flame. It is an action used to increase the oxygen or fuel to a flame. We have to work and give fuel to the fire of the Holy Ghost burning in us. The act of fanning also pushes the flames to different locations on the fuel therefore causing the fire to spread. I need to fan the flames of the Holy Ghost in my life. This is something I need to take ownership of and be responsible for. I need to locate different areas in my life that are depleting the oxygen supply to the flame. This was happening to Timothy, should I not be wary of this also.

What areas do I need to spread more flame into to burn away worldly influences? There are no new influences in the world today, but the rate they are coming has greatly increased since I was younger. The fire of the Holy Ghost is needed to burn them away in order for sincere faith to increase and be allowed to flow to my children. My God is a consuming fire as the Bible states but I am a participant and need to fan it into my life to burn greater and consume worldly influences.