Day 273 – No specific verses today

September 30, 2022

No assigned reading for today. Use this “free” day to catch up on your reading plan, read a Psalm or Proverb, or just pray and ask God to direct your reading for today. The important thing is to read  the Word.

Daily Devotion

Why We Reference Each Other As Brother & Sister

By Dominic Couvion

Throughout the King James Version there are numerous occasions where fellow Christians are referenced as brethren. The Greek word for this is adelphon which means brother. As Christians we are adopted into God’s family through baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. Jesus gives us an awesome example of how to treat others by His desire for us to be part of His family. So strong is this desire that he sacrificed Himself for us to have the choice to be adopted into His family. It is a high priority in His plan for us to repeat His example by treating others that are not part of our biological family as though they were. Loving our church family as though they were our biological family. This plan is so effective that others will know we are following Jesus by our love, John 13:35. This is a very powerful form of outreach. True love one for another will show the world that our family is one that includes others. 

When I joined the Marines it was actually my 2nd choice of military branches. My first choice was the Air Force, but they would not take me. I was in the Marine office getting information and the recruiter wrote down on a piece of scrap paper that teamwork was a guiding principle of the Marines. I was sold, the sale was so complete that a lazy high schooler signed 4 years of his life to the most difficult branch of the military. 

Teamwork and family are principles that have shaped my life, Jesus’ desire for me to be a part of His family amazes me. I get to increase God’s family by loving my brothers and sisters and appreciating them. Others will get to see and know that this is God’s family by our love for each other. Brothers and Sisters, thank you for including me in your family.