Day 181 – No assigned scriptures today

June 30, 2022

IAccording to the Bible reading plan we are using, there aren’t specific scriptures assigned for today. Use today to catch up if you are behind in your reading. Or, use today to read ahead. Read Psalm 30 & Proverbs 30 since it is the 30th day of the month. 

Daily Devotion

By Dominic Couvion

How do I convey the importance of living a life dedicated to Jesus while not being defeated by the sins that so easily beset me? How does one decide to not give in to temptation, knowing that forgiveness is available instantaneously? Looking at it as a parent, how does one answer when my child asks me, “Why wouldn’t I just do whatever I want, and then just ask for forgiveness?” What wisdom is imparted to a new convert when the honest question comes, “Why would I do what Jesus wants when I can do what I want and then repent?” The answer lies in both the Bible and our own personal testimony. 

The Holy Ghost is the gift of Jesus dwelling in us (1 Cor 3:16). As one gets closer to Jesus He gets closer to us. In contrast, as one sins there is a separation between Jesus and us. This is where there is a transfer to your testimony. We must tell people about what Jesus has done for us! In order to tell people about yourself, you must spend time reading the Bible and praying in order to identify Jesus’ works in your life. As the activity of Jesus in your life becomes apparent, an excitement will develop in oneself and will be seen by others. This is something so simple and Jesus has turned it into a powerful tool. 

Programs to do outreach are just methods to put us in a position to share our excitement, real excitement and not fake. The world has perfected fake, Jesus is truth. We pray and read our Bible to be in fellowship with Christ. This fellowship will produce fruits that will draw others. Like a piece of ripe fruit will cause craving for it, our closeness to Jesus will draw others to Him through us. The answer to the questions above is this.  We turn away from sin because sin creates a separation between us and Jesus. When we draw close to Him, by praying and reading the Bible, it naturally create a desire to follow and please Him. There is joy being close to Him, but to the world this is foolish. Others have to see the joy to believe it, and they will not see it unless you are a transparent vessel filled with Jesus.