Day 151 – No assigned scriptures today

May 31, 2022

Daily Devotion

By Dominic Couvion

In service Sunday the word ‘glory’ was mentioned along with it’s meaning. I have to admit i have heard this word throughout my life and until a year ago if anyone asked me to define it I would have been stunned to silence. I began looking it up and began to feel no closer to understanding this word that is used so much in services and throughout the Bible. I realized how much i have used it and how easily it would come out of my mouth all the while not having a clue of what i was saying. 

Well, I stuck with the definition and finally the light bulb turned on and I began a journey of defining this word in my life. I will begin at the scripture Revelation 4:11 where there is a description of the elders worshiping the Almighty saying, “Thou art worthy, O Lord to receive glory, honour and power….” Doxan is the Greek word and its definition is opinion. When I first looked this up confusion set in. I worship an unchanging God. How is my opinion relevant to the creator of the universe and the savior of my soul? These are facts, no room for opinion, right? Wrong. 

In His infinite wisdom, Jesus set up His kingdom in a way that if you want to be a part of it you can. If you don’t, there is no pressure for you to be involved. It is your choice and that is exactly how Jesus designed it. My “opinion” is of the utmost importance to Jesus. It is his design to grow his kingdom by using us and if our opinion is putting value on serving Jesus others will see it. 

When something miraculous happens in our life, we have a choice to give the credit to Jesus or give it somewhere else. When we give credit to Jesus, that is giving glory to Him. When something bad happens and we trust Him and don’t allow seeds of bitterness to grow, we are giving glory to Him. Others will see this and that is how He reaches the lost. 

When others see and say that is foolishness, understand this is exactly how Jesus designed it. Seeds are being sown into the ground of people around us. You might even be changing someone’s opinion into one that is receptive to the touch of Jesus. It is crazy to think how Jesus designed His kingdom around us so our willingness to choose to give Him the glory in all that happens in our life and our reaction to these events can actually influence others. That is how much Jesus loves us and includes us in His kingdom.