Day 120 – You choose what scriptures you will read today.

April 30, 2022

According to the Bible reading plan we are using, today there aren’t specific scriptures assigned. Use today to catch up if you are behind in your reading. Or, use today to read ahead. Read Psalm 30 & Proverbs 30 since it is the 30th day of the month. You can access our yearly Bible reading program here:

Daily Devotion

By Karen Dauenhauer

When we think of the phrase “little things” does “little is much when God is in it” pop in your head?  Or maybe “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”?   Both are true, and we can choose which side to live on.

I need to be reminded to take joy in the little things of life.  The laughter of a child, the smile of a friend. The fact that I can tell my mom  “I Love You” in person.   Spring is here (I think) and we can take pleasure in the colors that God created.  Even the weeds have been clothed in color. Let God’s painting of the sunrise or sunset give you assurance that He is on the throne.  Have you noticed it is more striking when clouds are in the sky?  Reminds me that even in my struggles of life, He finds a way to shine!  

We are given that little tiny mustard seed.  God does not intend it to stay that way in our lives.  Little, but the potential for mighty. The gift of having a choice.  What we wear, what we eat, even what we throw away.  All these little things add up to the blessings of God.  Line upon line, precept upon precept.  

Hug someone today.  Your spouse, your child, your dog (lol).  Be thankful for the clouds in your life.  They can bring the rain, which brings the weeds, which grows the grass, waters the flowers, fills the ponds, where sings the frogs.  God has designed life to be dependent on others.  It may be the food chain, the atmospheric cycle,  your family, and definitely “choose ye this day, whom you will serve”.

Serving God starts will a little thing,  saying yes to Him, choosing life.  Little is much when God is in it!!